Monday, October 12, 2009

Nancy Crow = Composition!


So this posting will have to be quick since I need to get to sleep…….long day today in class and even longer tomorrow ! lol

We started out on the first day of class with instruction beginning at 9:00am. Tomorrow the studio opens at 7:00am and I along with most of the others need to get in to complete sewing my strips and shapes in my composition before the 9:00am deadline!

So today to give you a quick review….we first made 12 new fabrics which were to be completed by 3:00pm……lol oh sure…I don’t think anyone quite made that deadline… we got second half of assignment….create composition using our strips….we were to use squares or rectangles and everyone one of our new fabrics.

So first two photos = strips of new fabric being created…….






Next photo = start of strips being cut up………



Last photo = where I left off for the evening……..wish me luck with deadline!


Good Night….hope to continue with post tomorrow night!


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Anonymous said...

Your last photo reminds me of a Gee's Bend quilt. Glad you're enjoying your class.