Friday, October 23, 2009

Nice quiet day!…. Happy 90th birthday Uncle Howard!

So let’s see…….Bill is in MI helping celebrate Uncle Howards 90th birthday! YAY! While Bill has a very busy jammed packed agenda in MI …. I intend to have a quiet but hopefully productive weekend in VA. So far today it’s been quiet yet yucky weather…thus I delayed my road trip to Purcellville to spend the gift certificate I got way back in July from Jb and Claire….that should be fun…..Web fabrics is a great store!

I finally have my workroom (AKA-studio) set up and semi clean ;-) found all my UFO’s and put them in an order of possibly being worked on ;-) depends again on my focus lol lol or other obligations that tend to move ahead…….such as Brynn’s baby quilt and wall hanging…..and I want to coincide work on my material I made at the Nancy Crow workshop last week….

P1000409Anyway my dyed material is hanging to dry…..looks to be okay for messing around..or more accidental dyeing….    The fun part is always ironing the material after it’s dried..that’s when you can really see the results.

Then the room is great…’s huge so I’ve got two design walls and a work table to free cut my strips for my newer designs I P1000412 hope to start making. Still have my other cutting table for my other projects….                                    P1000411             

and the empty floor space is perfect to lay out the work and pinning, etc.  Now to possibly focus on completing the “Color makes my world go round“ piece I started at the barn last week……


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