Saturday, October 24, 2009

So a road trip day or…..stay home and sew?

Okay so it’s one of those days….too many choices? I was going to make a road trip today to Web Fabrics since I have this wonderful gift certificate wanting to be spent…..BUT……the weather sucks….it’s now officially raining and even starting to get foggy so that would not be the enjoyable drive i had imagined….I wanted a nice sunny fall day drive….it’s amazing how the colors have changed since last weekP1000415 P1000414

and Purcellville can be a pretty country road drive dependant on the route one takes….oh well there’s always next week….if this fall is like my last 5 fall seasons in VA we’ll have the colors for a while ;-)

So I wandered downstairs to move my rusting fabric outside in the rain but instead decided it had rusted enough sooooooo to unwind the fabric to see what I had created…..P1000420P1000416the piece of

fabric I used the powered tannin along with the steel wool turned out interesting but I was not completely pleased with the results of the other fabric which you see on the left side of photo. It had large areas of white due to the water it sat in so I am experimenting once again….will let it sit a few more days to bake…lol…… then see if anything happened.P1000421

So I hopefully have finally settled back in at home after my whirlwind summer and early fall and am trying to reset habits…..back to blogging and hope to set a daily agenda to keep me on course I’ve set for myself. today since I’m going to skip the fall drive I’m heading off to the bank for quick errand then hope to settle in for a day of sewing! Hope  the weather has cleared in MI so Bill can complete his Harsens Island workday…..

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