Saturday, August 8, 2009

What a nice day!

What a nice day , I got a lot accomplished and I got to have fun besides….P1070038

So started off the day ironing material that I have been in the process of washing to ready for my October class with Nancy Crow….isn’t this a nice pile that is yet to be ironed and the other pic shows you the fun we have when we wash new fabric…P1070039 all the fun threads that become tangled                            I have a nice start on the huge supply of 1 yard pieces that are required for the class….. I’m looking forward to the week long class….it’s been a secret goal of mine for a long time. I’m very excited to be able to go.

Next I had to run out for my fitting of the dress I’ll wear for my son’s Sept wedding, I lucked out very little has to be done to it…..The next thing I wanted to do was to finally dye some of the P1070044fabric I bought months ago from Lisa Call /CO so I got 10 yards of the 20 yards and proceeded down to the mess in the basement…as you can see the basement is a bit of a pit right now since when I closed out my room at school after 5 years in VA BUT over 30 years of teaching P1070045I had a lot of art supplies I wanted to hang on to….you should have seen how much I threw out or gave away!  I promise it was 10 times more then I kept…Well I threw the supplies in the basement and have yet to be home long enough in VA to sort through it and pack it away and clear out my work area….let’s see?… you can spot some of my dyeing supplies, then some painting supplies and easelP1070046 along with a painting of Keli’s wedding I have yet to complete….


Then let’s see I  have my beer caps ready to create new objects or ducks? possibly…. Sadly though I figured okay let’s dye some cloth and while it is cooking….lol  “I’ll clean the basement”…get my work area organized and the rest packed up so I finally might be able to focus and create! lol Well hmmmmm let’s see……. I did manage to dye fabric…but then it was soooooooo hot we decided to go over to the pool and have some fun….  P1070048P1070051


So when we got back from the pool I put the fabric in plastic bags to sit till tomorrow when I’ll give it a rinse and enjoy….


The basement getting clean?

Well it will just have to wait….but it was a glorious day!

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