Sunday, August 9, 2009

So finally took the time to get the basement back!

So this morning after the usual “let’s start the day off wasting time online…” I got focused and finally decided to get to the mess in the basement….  as anyone who’s been reading my blog knows by now retired in June and then I have been on the road for most of the summer since… during my last two months of the school year I slowly and franticly at times packed up supplies along with some treasured junk and dumped it in my basement. P1070044  I did manage to pack and mail some stuff off to one of my favorite young teachers in IL and then took boxes home to another newbie in MI. The rest of my stuff sat patiently in the basement for me to get too! It was so bad if you recall that it was to the point of  me not even wanting to go in the basement let alone try to do art work down there….P1070065

Well yesterday I ignored the mess and dyed fabric (basically that’s done outside ;-)) but today I FINALLY decided it had to be tackled. I excitedly discovered some embroidery thread I had forgotten I had ;-) saves me from having to buy new, good for my budget….

I also discovered more items to give away to interested teachers ;-)))))P1070067 I’ve made some contact already….

I found a little chair I'd forgotten, never completed painting hidden among my mess and gee now maybe I can finish some more ducks….P1070068

and sooner or later the painting I started of Keli’s wedding day lol lol P1070066

But for now it’s onward to trying to focus on packing for my soon to be month on the road…first MI then Hawaii then Denver….it’s going to  be interesting to figure out how/what to pack….

It is a good feeling to have finally tackled the basement!

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