Thursday, August 13, 2009

Got to get some errands run but it’s a day of waiting….

So I’ve been a little too preoccupied to write lately. I have good intentions but then something pulls me…this morning I have my mother on my mind…she is getting a pacemaker today after passing out two days ago….geeeeeee is that really all it’s been is two days? Anyway she passed out at bingo the other night and had to be sent by ambulance to the hospital….sadly her pulse is so low they have to try a pacemaker…. please keep her in your prayers, it’s going to be a long day waiting to hear today! This is when it is hard to be in VA and them in MI!

I am supposed to be focusing on packing for my month long adventure! Finding that much too hard to do…..P1070075

On another note I have ironed my many yard pieces of fabric to try to get them ready for my class in Oct! Since I do get back from my adventure Sept 13 to VA but then I head as quickly as possible back to MI for my son’s wedding Sept 26!

And here is the fabric I dyed last week…..P1070074

I have been so sooooooooooo busy…….. and will continue to be …….

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