Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome to the Colliton Lodge!

So 4th of July weekend in MI and we’re being hosted ;-) at the Journey’s End AKA The Colliton Lodge/Hunting lodge.  It’s going to be a good time by all….

We all ended up meeting at the Knot Hole Bar in Comins, semi by accident.  We  stopped there for dinner, I couldn’t give Jan and Jack a call to me us due to lack P1060489of cell service AND I somehow between Oneida and Journey’s End lost my note pad with the lodges phone number in it along with  the photo’s we picked up at Costco of the wedding shower… misplacing items seemed to follow me all weekend…lol….Anyway we were sitting there enjoying our beer and nacho’s when in walked Jennifer and Bill….they gave Jan a call to alert them of our near arrival and asked them to join us at the Knot Hole when in walked Jane, Dave, Lauren and Adam at the Knot Hole BAR…..so we’re all here and we’re all geared for a grand 4th of July celebration!P1060484

After a nice time eating and chatting to catch up a little we  headed out to the lodge to get situated. Bill got a grand tour of the lodge and we settled in near the family fireplace chatting the evening away. Plans were discussed for the coming days. Saturday we first would hit the Comins 4th of July parade then the men would split off to golf and the women would visit Jennifer and Bill’s place in progress and swim at her lake.P1060524

The parade consisted of the local folk along with many tractors, old cars such as the corvair, corvettes, mustangs.

Loads of fun to behold!

Jennifer’s place is coming along, of course it’s a show place to soon behold…come back this time next year!

We girls got to sit down by the water’s edge in the sun and chat, saw a young friendly deer….then back to Journey's end for our pot luck dinner.P1060574


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