Friday, July 10, 2009

Can you say multi-task???

So we are heading into the ending stretch of our MI working vacation….this is when I start to panic and try to squeeze in as much of my to-do wish list as possible. Can you think multi task? It’s also when it finally pays to be ADHD lol lol one needs the excess energy.

So today I started off the day getting rid of some type of bug cocoons from the kitchen windows (see pic)P1060726 have no idea what they were/are but knew they had to go! That of course meant the next multi task would be to wash some screensP1060733

Next up was to spray the rest of the kudzu and poison vines in the front yard since I sprayed the back yard a couple days ago and the stuff seems to be doing the trick! P1060735


I have 2 of the dining chairs recovered but still 4 more to go …

I actually got this fabric last year but ran out of time…




but first I knew I must get the garage door

painted with the first coat of paint…will complete the second coat tomorrow… 


After I got my to do list done I finally managed to take some flowers over to a friend who just had open heart surgery! Then quick visit with my folks , then out to Harsen’s to meet my hubby who had taken his 81 year old aunt to the doctor.

Now to remind you,  Harsen Island is reached by ferry, it was a perfect MI day and I finally got out for a boat ride…probably the first in 2 years on our boat. We had a lovely ride over to Dickerson' Landing for dinner then back to the dock and back to Oneida for a nights sleep and also one more quick chore tonight……

I managed to get the first coat of varnish on the painted chairs ;-) It’s looking like I will get them completed can see I turned my kitchen into a makeshift studio this week so am happy to have them finalP1060730ly in the basement for the varnishing. My son is thrilled to have his table back to actually sit and eat from lol….


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