Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It’s a working vacation?

Well it seems no matter how much I tell myself that this time will be different…P1060421 sadly as usual our visits up north always end up being a working vacation… it’s silly to believe it could work out any other way because when one owns a house over 500 miles away it becomes neglected and thus your visits ARE spent working or trying to help the home stay in decent shape. Here P1060422you can see one of our chores this week is to get the sump pump feeding back to the back part of our property. If you recall my photo from Christmas time you’ll remember we noticed the pipe had either frozen or somehow broke and insteadP1060424 of the pump feeding the drainage to the long tube underground it started bubbling up on side of foundation which then kept  the sump pump running 24/7.  We jimmied the pipe to semi work till we could get to it this summer! Well it’s summer  lol so Bill dug out two 15 year bushes and dug down to the break.  Luckily we have discovered the underground tube still is in tact so once we get a new elbow this chore will be done but sadly while Bill was working on his chore and I was completing some of mine I discovered our 15 year old Dogwood tree is dead!. Not sure what killed it so have to locate an arborist to P1060423help, notice my front yard …these trees are full of bugs? Being eaten alive! Time to spray….So  you can see our vacation is once again a working vacation! brianheather

The good news is we do manage to fit some good times in with the work! Sunday was my son Brian’s and Heather’s 2nd and final wedding shower, it was a wonderful shower and day. My parents also attended and as you can see from the photo they are doing great thankfully after their difficult winter. momdadshowerMy dad is a walking miracle. 

Then I also made a trip out to Harsens Island on Saturday to pick up the guys..they drove our boat from my niece's canal dock to our Harsens dock to stay for the 2 weeks we’re in MI. Water on Lake St.Clair is up!

;-)))) YAY!

Notice the little slide show of my ferry ride over to Harsens…the only way to get on the Island, then our dock along with Sandy (the dog) watching guard lol lol…..we enjoyed some pizza at the local pub…then headed home….stay tuned….

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