Monday, May 25, 2009

What a productive holiday weekend! Finally….

Yay! It has been a really nice long weekend! Finally time to chill, to sew, to see movie and dinner with hubby….it’s been so long since we got to just have a quiet nice weekend! Bill got to wax his car, did some power washing of siding of P1050798house there’s been so much pollen this year it looked so dirty! He also had some time in his man cave! He still loves his fire pit the kids got him at Christmas yet it has also become a great cigar ashtray lol P1050800                                             

I got to finally complete piecing a quilt top AND then yesterday and today actually quilted the quilt top on my HQ16. My first time! Talk about fear! Total FEAR! Thankfully it looks decent, I completed a very simple stipple pattern but still I’m proud….cannot post it yet since it technically is present and I semi would like the person to be a little surprised by the end product  lol

So now to try to get laundry completed and get ready for my 4 day week of bus duty..the last bus duty I will ever have to do since I AM RETIRING! I am so looking forward to working full time in fibers and with my HQ16!



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