Sunday, May 24, 2009

How do you spell FRUSTRATION?

So today was nice day around home then out to movie and dinner with hubby, actually something we have not done in longgggggggg time!  Was nice to have the time out and we still managed to get lots completed at home in the morning/mid afternoon. It took all morning to load my mid-arm machine for it’s first run on a quilt top? I keep thinking AM I nuts? I am scared out of my wits and then have loads of frustrations…I mean I got the machine with lots of high hopes..thankfully still have  the high hopes but thinking I am crazy to try to quilt this top after all it’s to be a present and I will be bummed big time if I screw it up! Now that’s the fear portion! Oh well…. so back to the loading of quilt top, batting and backing…. lol…. the DVD mention you should be able to load queen quilt in 20-30 minutes…P1050817   lol lol……. yea someday? but not today! Oh well at least after I watched  the DVD instruction video P1050822

I have the frame loaded and now thanks to reviewing the instruction booklet I think the threading is correct so hoping that means the tension is correct? Only time will tell.  I intend to do the machine work tomorrow in the day light since the room is much too dark for night work especially when I am so nervous and tired! Here’s a peek at my meandering so far?  Wish me luck.P1050823

Now a question? How does one figure out prices for equipment they no longer use? I have a great loom set-up that I hate seeing not being used and now that I am retiring and thus trying to downsize my art equipment I am at a loss of how to price items that could be used to create lovely things by others? here is the item/s I speak of…..

P1050813my old Dick Blick 4 harness 8 inch table loom. Such a great portable loom great for classes, for testing out patterns or even little wall hangings/scarves. Any advice out there?

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Kelly Ann said...

Stop by My Favorite Yarn Shop on Garrett Street in Warrenton, they may have an idea on pricing.