Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's been too long old friend.....

I seem to be a broken record!  Stuff still seems to be keeping me much to busy to blog,  to sew,  to create!  Thankfully it’s a long holiday weekend sooooooooo finally some time to get to chores, some sewing  and……. BUT Now for my first item of news! I began teaching in Sept. 1973 missed a few years due to moves across country,  babies, life but basically I have my 30.3 year pension from MI already and now I am retiring for good after 5 years teaching MS Art in VA…I put in my paperwork this past week and am looking forward to ‘my time’ to spend on my own art work full time ;-) maybe I’ll be the new Grandma Moses someday. My second item of news I don’t think I shared yet is I’m going to have a new grand-daughter come Sept 09 , life just keeps getting more grand! lol no pun intended. Another item of interest; my dad had his 88th birthday Friday May 22 and is back home with his wife of 63 years and doing quite well. I am so proud of his rehab, he is walking again and getting stronger everyday, he’s very happy to be home with “the light of his life” as he will tell you. dadandmomHappy 88th birthday DAD!

So I am posting some photos of my MS student work during my final semester of my teaching career and next week will be my last bus duty ever! yay, pray no rain for week please.

So the great thing about having a holiday weekend is the time to finally get to chores we’ve neglected lately.  Bill got to wash his carP1050791 , he got a final coat of paint on the chairs I need to paint for my nieces childrenP1050801 

and I  manage to power wash the second story deck, drove the birds nuts cause they wanted their birdfeeders but such is life! lol. Look close and you’ll see one of the birds by the feeder.P1050794

And I got in some sewing time!

So enough for today….

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