Monday, May 11, 2009

It’s been too long!

So hard to think I haven't had time to post for a while but stuff (shit) has been happening, stuff not to do with quilting yet necessary thus making sure that I am not available to quilt.  I do have some fun to report though… I got to go on the annual guild retreat and for the 3rd year my favorite quilter was my rootribute quilt2mie! Frances is my hero, she turnedP105060690 during January this year and as a surprise I created a little tribute  quilt for us (the guild) to sign and give her and the guild hosted a little surprise birthday celebration during the weekend retreat!  “I want to be just like her quilting and bringing fun and happiness everywhere she goes! “ The retreat this year had the theme “A new box of  Crayons “and we were to choose a color we never quilt with..also create a name using your color. I became“Tanilizing Tawny Teddi Became Muddied Munslow” and my colors were brown…. brownsforretreathere some browns I dyed just for fun for the weekend. I also created a tawny silk scarf that I gave away as part of my exchange gift.  Another thing that has kept me busy as of late was a quick trip up north to MI to visit my folks. During the weekend there my dad got transferred from one hospital to another rehab center (nursing home) and I ran my mom around during the weekend while my other sisters and brother-in-laws moved my parents (all furniture etc) out of their condo and into a P10506432 bedroom apartment in a wonderful senior community center. The greatest part of the weekend was seeing my dad walk again with steady forceful steps. I am so proud that he hung in there and learned to walk again.P1050692 

Here he is walking his dog Sammy….I truly think Sammy is what kept him determined to walk again. Thankfully my mom has busted my dad out of the rehab center the following week and they are once again together in the same place. They have been married 63 years. My dad was sadly in rehab centers and hospitals for over 35 days….it’s been a very rough winter for my folks.

Well at least I’ve finally gotten back to posting and even better finally yesterday got to touch my sewing machine and quilt a little. I have a bento quilt going and it has a deadline….wish me luck!