Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick trip up north and now Art Festival

Sadly I have not touched my sewing machine for over a week….between the normal deadlines at work I have ill parents.      Just no time to sew.DSC_0091

Luckily I managed a fast Friday to Sunday trip to MI to spend some time with my dad was transferred to a health facility while I was there where we hope he will rehab and be strong enough to walk again. Mom has rallied at least for now.     My sister managed to bring my folks dog to visit dad, first time he got to see Sammy in over a week…we’re hoping it spurs him on to successful rehab. Gotta walk Sammy!

8th grade female student/tempera batik painting

Tomorrow  we set up the County art display an estimated 25 schools (grades k-12) We all hang work from our talented students and then the music departments put on various performances Friday and Saturday.  It  amazes  me how quickly it comes together and then how quickly it’s over.

Here is a tempera batik painting by 8th grade female student of mine.