Sunday, March 29, 2009

It was busy work week… soon it will be EASTER/Spring break..Hawaii here I come…

So this past weekend I worked the annual Fauquier County Arts Festival… It has amazed me during my 5 years teaching in VA how over 26 art instructors gather and put up an amazing student art display and along with us the music departments/instructors organize many wonderful performances that our parents have the pleasure of viewing during the 2 day festival.

We Art teachers show up on Thursday (after 3:00pm and a full day of teaching) and quickly somehow set up a wonderful display of easily over 1500 pieces of art. I know I had over 125 objects on display and then of course we also have the traveling show on display down the long hallway (which I have 8 students represented in). THEN the amazing part is just as quick as we put up the show we teachers have the show torn down and repacked…The show ended at 3:00 Saturday afternoon and my stuff was back in my car by 3:40 and as you can see from the photos most of the gym was emptied by then. School takes place Monday as though nothing ever took place… ;-)

The show was outstanding as usual!