Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fine Arts Festival

So busy time of the year once again……besides teaching my 6 classes today ;-) I continued labeling or matting my student work for our fine arts festival March 27 and 28.  Also still have to prepare lessons for my guest teacher (sub) to present Friday while I head to MI to see my dad and mom. My dad’s been in the hospital for over a week along with my mom who went in last Friday but she got out yesterday….of course then she spP1050032ent last night there to keep a watchful eye on her husband of 63 years. The 6th graders finished these fun projects today…just in time for a few to be sent to the arts festival for display. The backgrounds are watercolor techniques wet on wet mainly and the fish are sand art.  I also found another project to use the fabric boards  I recycle from Kelly Ann….thanks Kelly.  P1050015

This project uses 4 of the boards and was a team effort. Two 7th grade female students, each worked on  two boards which then display as a 4 board unit.  Acrylic paint and various collage’ techniques.                                    P1050017                            End of  year the girls can each take home their boards.  Well off to start packing for my trip to Mi.

Friday morning will be here before I know.