Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun Sunday.....

So after a week of fighting the germs at school......cold, flu, coughs and then coming home each day zonked and heading to bed for comfort, I seem to finally be on the upturn to better health ;-) Took a sick day myself to regroup. Yay....feeling better!
So finally I got to mess around this weekend with some quilting....I got my 2 post cards for the pex winter exchange in their envelopes and mailed.....then got to have some fun with my HQ16 today ;-) and now am trying to remember how to reload the machine. I'm putting some simple black cotton as backing and a white muslin top that I hope to float some simple whole cloth quilt tops over to see what kind of free motion thread painting or other type of quilting I can experiment with? I have some ideas in my mind that I want to try....will let you know if my ideas or thoughts work out or crash ;-) Either way I figure it is just more practice to help learn the machine and get comfortable with it; tension and movement of handles etc. I have cut up the long practice piece I ended up with from the set up fabric and actually am not to unhappy with the bottom of my practice piece; which was nice discovery. I am going to zigzag on the edges of the cut up pieces then wash them and dry them and then do some experimental painting or dyeing on the fluffy quilted pieces.
It's something else I have had in my mind to try so looking forward to seeing the end results.
Figure nothing lost and fun to experiment. I also ended up with one practice piece I figure I can hang just for fun in my studio to showcase my first attempt on my new machine and to remind me of options or ideas for free motion quilting. (You might have to click on photos to get a clearer view of quilting stitches.)