Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yeah! Productive Day FINALLY!

So sure seemed to be in my way lately..... between my hand surgery, daytime job, traveling and just being plumb tired........ I just have not been getting in my quilt time as of late. Thankfully I have been able to putz here and there to satisfy my creative side yet that can make me feel frustrated or behind. Today though I finally got to my machine and studio area. I have been working on some of the book study assignments and then I have 2 postcards to create for the winter PC exchange. I've enjoyed making my own fabric color wheel for the one group and the other book centers on embellishment techniques so I've been experimenting with Angelina, sun dyeing, fabric dye resists, gelatin printing as my older posts show but now must try to do some mini quilts with my stuff...put them to work for me ;-)))) oh well got to make this post quick so I can get back to my machine...Enjoy!

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