Sunday, February 8, 2009

Been playing today with Angelina

So I've been playing today with some of my homework assignments from my online book group. I'm probably crazy but am trying to participate in two books at once so could be an interesting ride ;-)
This week we broke open the book Fabric Art Workshop by Susan Stein.
The first chapter deals with Angelina Fiber. So my original idea was leaves, (Can you spot some?) since I was hoping to use leaves as a theme throughout? Time will tell though, lol but anyway as I messed you can see I sort of went in a different direction so again time will tell....
I still hope to work on my color wheel tonight so need to get this posting up and then break away from the computer which I am learning I use quite nicely to procrastinate!!!! EEEkkkkkkkkkk!
I have placed my Angelina samples/or experiments on some of my own hand dyed black cotton and a purchased black FQ. I hope to quilt and complete them in the next few days...(not sure if my photos will do the Angelina justice, much better in person.
I also added ink to my rusted piece and sadly am not happy with it so now have the dilemma to see if I can somehow remove some of the ink/color. Anyone have knowledge or suggestions for me?

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