Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nice day

So sadly my hand seems to be flared today...I must be trying to push it too quickly in my rehab ;-( I'm soooooooo determined to hurry the process to get back to my norm! ;-((( yet am trying NOT to be stupid!!!! Want it to heal correctly and be successful surgery.
Managed to enjoy the day so far though.....(Bill is on his way home from Hawaii so I've been on my own all week) rewarded myself with a pedicure, ran some errands then home to the machines. It's the end of first semester at work so next week I get new students so at work I have been trying to choose some items from first semester for the County Art Show (in March) and then returning other work to the students. [Notice the pic of 4 value studies similar to Carol Taylor quilts...the kids glued their fabric to paper backing then wrapped pipe cleaners over hangers ;-))) for their circles, hand sewed on with invisible thread.]
Today I was also determined to try out my new machine a little...sadly after watching the DVD that came with it they push using the right hand as the major working hand ;-( so that puts me out of commission for a few more weeks but I still messed around more with the practice material I received set up when they did demo on the machine at delivery. I also tried floating a little piece of washed canvas today so when I get my practice work off the machine I intend to try some dyeing or painting over my practice material or floated canvas ;-) I look forward to seeing the back of my work to see if I have been keeping consistent in my tension. Been learning to thread and put bobbin in, etc.
Sadly my hand is starting to complain so I'm going to go soak and put some heat on it to see if I can stop the pain and then later tonight or tomorrow I hope to do some simple sewing on the Janome. ;-)))))) I need to feed my creative soul..........

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