Sunday, January 25, 2009

Studio Quilts- can you spell procrastination?

Can you spell procrastination? So I have homework to do for my book study group; deadline approaching soon... It's been interesting the game I seem to be playing with myself? Let's see...I told myself I'll do the blind contour drawings while I'm at yeah sure!@*# like I have so much extra time at work this year with 6 classes a day. Next I told myself I need to buy some fruit that will peak my interest or other's interest? lol yeah sure! @*# Then of course there is my hand.....sadly it does keep flaring up from me trying to push it back to norm when it just isn't ready.
I have been compiling an interesting collection of fabric pieces though for an upcoming assignment in the book...let's see now that would be week 5 through 12? AGAIN "Calling procrastination".....
Funny I have learned some interesting stuff this week though....I tried to buy some plain grey/gray (which ever you prefer to call it) fabric for the background of my homework piece...went to my hometown quilting store and she was out, had nothing! Then went to Joann Fabrics and they had 1 selection! Wow.....I found that very interesting!
Then if you notice my growing collection of fabric pieces...(I lucked out having some discontinued fabric sample booklets from my sister-in-law, thanks Jennifer!) Anyway notice my orange pile? Of course please know I was just sorting into piles NOT sorting into gradation yet......and from the photo one of my oranges definitely looks red....among some of the other piles being in wrong groupings once photographed. You would be surprised seeing the fabric in person, the ones that look white in photo do NOT look white in person........more beige. Color will always amaze me!!!!!! So much to explore and so much to learn no matter how long I work with it....and how very different it is in the different mediums....watercolor versus acrylic versus oils versus cloth versus dyes versus tissue paper.......etc. etc. etc. etc.
Well time to work on my homework....I just realized no more excuses I have some lovely red and yellow peppers in my frig I can use as my subject matter! Wish me luck......
Oh one last item......(yes possibly more procrastination peeking) Bill got home from Hawaii, he's sleeping to try to get over the time change AND red eye long flight, he arrived in DC around 6:30am. Brought me a little "I'm sorry you were not in Hawaii gift..........
Cute huh? It's actually a pillow case but I'll probably hang it on wall for a while in my studio area.

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