Monday, January 19, 2009

Okay so now got my little piece quilted ;-)

So I have been trying out my hand slowly these past few days, today I have been doing some cutting of fabric for a project my quilt guild will teach this week. I have managed to hold my fabric straight and cut all the prep cuts ;-) and then I finished the quilting on my little cyanotype piece. My thumb is still tender and sadly is not bending the whole way yet so don't have a good grip and it's hard to hold the end of thread ;-( but I have hope and am very very glad I am left handed! It felt so good to finally do some sewing.
On another note......Living near DC for the first time during an inauguration ceremony has been very interesting to me...(I was born in Detroit, MI spent most of my life in MI, I can remember when Kennedy was shot...(grade school memories) then can remember a little of the Detroit Riots, graduated from Eastern Michigan University and later years moved to Alabama as a young bride and new teacher (1976 or so), then it was back to MI to raise my children, now I have been in VA for almost 5 years. All I can say is wow! This inauguration time is proving to be very very different than I can ever remember. Leads me to's going to be interesting to see what OUR future will be?

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