Saturday, January 31, 2009

How exciting yet bummed!

I'm geeked! I've had a fun day messing with my new HQ16.....if you recall I took delivery in Dec. the day before my hand surgery! I've been trying to slowly work or experiment with the new machine but sadly the working hand when using this machine is your right hand! I AM left handed but the on-off buttons are on the right handle (hand I had surgery on) and my hand just cannot push the on the button yet ;-( also try threading a machine when your thumb has no feeling! BUT today I was determined to try out an idea I had to complete one of my homework assignments for the art quilting study group I'm working with ;-)

So my idea worked...or will in the future when my thumb is back 100%.
I did have lots of fun today but have decided to take a rest since I am suddenly breaking threads and worse my thumb/hand is too sore to continue! I AM looking forward to getting to know my machine more and to understand how to use it properly.....I know it will open lots of possibilities in my future! ;-)
Notice my free hand leaves.
So now to go soak my hand, then heat,massage and ice so hopefully I get to do some more sewing tonight!


Diana said...

Hi there! I am following along with your class as "Unofficial". I will join the TT2 on the 7th and I am really excitted.

I own the book and have been watching the incredible drawings. You, however, just "takes the cake" with one functional hand. I love the details of your drawing and you quilting! I can only imagine what you would do when you hand has healed and fully functioning.

You are doing a fantastic job and I am reading every word from your group. Keep up the good work and ask someone to massage your hand ...for me. Smiling, Diana

TJM wanna be quilt artist said...

Thanks Diana you are so nice to comment! I have to admit I am left handed so that helps a little with my drawing but when it comes to using the machines it is a right handed world! lol The good news is I can finally feel it is healing, thankfully time seems to cure all.......keep smiling! PS: I'm in the TT2 group also so look forward to seeing you there.

Sue Cottle said...

Hi Teddi - nice toy - glad you finally get a chance to play with it. Your free motion stitching looks really good, even with a sore hand. I've done my drawings, but haven't had a chance to do stitching or cutting, having been away two weekends in a row. Did fuse my black fabric last night tho!

Take care of your hand, and don't try too much, too soon!

Sue in sunny Auckland New Zealand