Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice great day to mess with dyes and glue

So another ice school! Sadly it makes it rough to go back..but made for a nice day.
I finished my 2nd little still life for my online book group and then after running a few errands (cause heck had been house bound for a few days so felt good to run out)
Forced myself to go downstairs and try some experiments I've been wanting to do. Took a few of the pieces of fabric I dyed the other day and put washable school glue on it to try resist experiments of over dyeing. They have to dry and maybe tomorrow or this weekend I can re-dye the fabric. If you look closely in my photos you'll see the tools I used to make the designs.
Next I have a piece of rusted fabric I did last summer that I want to make a whole cloth art quilt but first wanted to add color. I was going to use my inks but decided to first add color through more water color techniques using dyes to have soft areas of color versus hard lines or details.
Now I'll let that dry and see if I need to redye for darker tints or shades. Then I intend to free motion or thread paint as I quilt it.
Can you see trees and a lake w/reflections.

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