Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Stockings the hard way ;-)

So this is when sewing experience would or could help! My daughter put in a wish order for Christmas Stockings for her family (which includes my only grandchild ;-)))) so.....

Sadly I always have ideas but sometimes lack the skills since I never sewed until I took up quilting.
I sometime lack the skills to make projects easy! lol lol....guess that is what makes this so interesting?

Oh well here are my stockings so far...still have to find the perfect materials to make collars for the stockings to add their far I have a green fabric that might work, but not exactly what I envisioned......I have to head up to MI tomorrow to play nurse and visit with my mom who had a full knee replacement a week ago......she's in her 80's and is doing great! Maybe I can hit the local quilt store and see what they might have on hand? Deadline is's when we have our phony early Christmas.

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