Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a week!

So we got back to VA and wow! what a's amazing how time zones can screw with your body and energy! We made it through the week and finally TGIF and weekend! Sunday I finally get to set up my machine and get back to the semi norm I hope. I'm excited to try out my new free motion bobbin and go along foot to see if it makes a huge difference for me. I had my machine cleaned before I left for Hawaii and am anxious to see how much of a difference it will make since I know it had some invisible thread in places it never should have been.
I did complete one goal this week, actually should say I have completed my two goals I had set for the year regarding my quilting. I have entered and completed a challenge competition. My challenge was connected with the Artful Quilter in VA and we were given 10 different pieces of silk duponti along with a silk tie that we used to create an original art quilt. I discovered not all people who enter complete the challenge so I am proud to say I did! I also enjoyed the journey. The second goal I had set was to enter a SAQA Exhibition. Well I sent off slides for my first official entry the other day. Deadline for entry is April14,2008. Wish me luck.....So both goals completed and now time to move forward and set some new goals ;-) Tomorrow's goal lol is get back to my t-shirt quilt that has an impending deadline fast approaching!

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