Saturday, March 29, 2008

Boy are we out of shape!!!

So today we went snorkeling at Shark of Bill's Hawaiian co-workers told us to try this area. It was a nice drive and a nice area......We saw lots of fish but it was also on the North Side which is known for surfing. Of course thankfully this is winter so surf is low and thus people snorkel. Anyway it proved one thing to us.......we are getting old and are very out of shape! lol lol Was a little tough in and out due to the rocks or waves ;-) in fact we both got a little beat up the one time lol but did not diminish our fun! We may be out of shape but we're young at heart so we had a ball. Sad tonight is last night then back to reality! We fly out tomorrow morning at 7:30 and arrive in DC after midnight.............will be hard to go back to work! Oh well we've been blessed it has been a lovely week.

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