Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Whoops.....inexperience showing!

Okay so here is where experience would have helped? I have just had one of those wonderful "learn by mistake" happenings! I am going to someday be completing this really cute pattern of monster's under my bed quilt that has 9 different monsters each appliqued on a square of it's own. So cute my daughter wants it for Caleb. (It's in my pile to do someday) I had started this first square months ago by just looking at the image and semi eyeballing it as I cut the monster out. I figured this is tooooo easy! lol Well sadly I did not realize it really should be fused onto the square then applique stitched around or however one chooses to finish. I didn't want to do it the hand stitched turned under by hand technique so I heard about the fusing part after I had the silly monster cut out (and ready to go in my mind). I figured well heck I'll just get some tear away and sew it down anyway loosely without worrying about the fusing part lol lol....well go figure lol lol........now I know there is a reason for the fusing and NOT using tearaway! So this can go into my whoops "I just learned" this pile so onward and forward marching I go! ;-)

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