Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm in the third week of West Palm Beach's Go Red Better U program, having fun!

[Warning: No quilting is covered in this post ;-) ]
I've been so busy adjusting to the our new place and remember/reminder I am participating with 9 other great women in the 2016 #PBGORED add to that the fact; I'm still trying to solve some minor laptop transitioning troubles so I just have not found the time to post.
 ["That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it". lol]

So first let me say I DID make my first week's goal in the "Go Red" which was to walk 5 out of 7 days on the beach. In fact I ENDED UP an overachiever and managed 7 days out of 7.  ;-)
It helps that my husband has gotten the walking bug too and is walking with me, and it is lovely to walk on the beach.
During week two we ladies were treated to a talk from a very interesting Cardiologist who answered so many questions RE: healthy diet suggestions, statins, blood pressure, etc.
My focus the second week was to try to eat "clean", lots of fruits and vegetables, less grains and to keep moving! The hubby and I are still walking a few miles everyday.
It has been very helpful that we also have a FB group that we women can pass on hints, recipes and cheer each other on.
So now entering week three and the goal is to stick with the plan and add tracking our daily activity along with logging our meals/snacks. Wish me luck and let's all keep moving.

Let's get some steps in
Nice way to end the day

Almost done with the daily walk
Each day is different

Yay success even on a cold windy day!

Footnote: I also hope to have my sewing area set up this week
 so I can add quilting to my schedule too.

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