Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ok so it's Tuesday night and I'd better try to post.

So once again you cannot believe how many posts I've written in my thoughts but to be honest I have been trying to stay away from the laptop or Internet so that I would stay with my creativity goals.
So lets see since last Friday I completed a quilt top that has blocks of my own cyanotype designs that I passed to 10 fellow members of my Modern Quilt Guild "bee", I can't wait to have fun quilting it as wild as it is.
To try to show my process I will try to post some photos I took as I was working along.
So the instructions I handed to my bee members were that they were to take the 12 inch cyanotype designs and use the Kaffe Fassett fabric I included in their envelope to create a honky log cabin sort of block ending in 16 1/2 in squares (if I recall my instructions correctly lol after all my month was Feb.) before my surgery and we all know what a wild ride I've had since March.
First there were seven returned blocks.

Once I got all 10 of the blocks returned to me I could begin designing a quilt top.
So here I am tacking the blocks and fabric strips on my design board.

Ok so this became the general design but then to add a border.

I worked in a row to row piecing, adding fabric to the blocks to form the completed  rows, ironing seams as the rows were sewn and compiled of course.

At this point I was getting excited to be almost finished with the quilt top,
loving the bright colorful fabrics.

The quilt top is now sewn together waiting to be loaded on my HQ16 and quilted, sadly my last photos have not shown up on my laptop via "the cloud" yet so I will try to add a photo of the completed quilt top w/ border as soon as I can.
Now onto my next project, there is so much going on at the Munslow house! Enjoy.
As promised here is photo of the completed quilt top next step get it loaded on HQ16 and have some fun.

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