Friday, August 21, 2015

It's been an interesting year so far, sadly though not for my blog.

I began writing this blog back in 2007, at that time I was a Public Middle School Art Teacher in VA and as Educators we were being introduced to many new processes that involved computers and using the Internet.  I can remember many in-service classes about and using various sites.  Remember "My Space"(lol that is sure an oldie) during that time there was much concern about our students mis-using the Internet and the need for us to understand the dangers the internet might pose for our students. 
There were search sites we were introduced to help us with our daily subject matter. Suddenly there were blogs. ;-)  I quickly began a blog about my student's work, (Sad to say I have no idea web address or the name I gave that blog now so cannot even locate it online lol.  
I bounced between Word Press and which at that time was not under Google.  So much has changed app;ication wise since I began blogging.
I began this blog in order to join to an online 'Art Quilt' group, to join the group you had to have an active art blog that you posted in at least 4 times a month.
I admit I enjoyed writing or posting in my blog, it has helped me meet people from all over the world via the internet and more importantly it helped me stay on task with my art and quilting objectives.
As one might notice I somehow went astray since last November. I either lost my mojo, interest or possibly my old organization skills.
I sadly got out of the habit of writing about My life? My art work? My quilting? FB and Instagram have become so popular and if you try to be involved with them all it begins to eat up minutes of one's day. Wondering if you agree?
So much has happened during ("MY") thus far 2015, there have been such unexpected happenings in my life that along my way I set aside my habit of posting in my blog. 
I will tell you there have been many posts I've written in my thoughts, yet I never manage to sit down and type these posts out?
Thankfully I noticed a few other art friends I followed online have also slowed on their posting or the usage of their blogs.
I found I also began to acquire so many blogs I enjoyed reading or following that I began to get overwhelmed by how much time I was spending on the computer/Internet and thus not spending time in the studio. I wonder how many others find the Internet, though it can be wonderful, can eat up too many precious minutes of one's day?
Well I am going to try to think today is a new day and can be a new start. I hope to somehow begin to force myself to get back some of my old practices or habits. Blogging is one habit I hope to get back on track.
But until I get this figured out I will leave you with a photo I took this week while having the privilege of visiting Mt.Rainier National Park in the State of Washington. 
America sure is beautiful!

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