Saturday, July 20, 2013

First assignment completed!

I managed to complete my first assignment of my online class w/ Lisa Call on time.
Sadly my goal was to try to have it quilted too lol Yup probably a little unrealistic yet one never knows.
If my memory had served me better this week I might have actually had it quilted but instead I spent quite a bit of my sewing time refreshing my memory of how to cut and piece a design from drawing to completed quilt top.
So I will share photos of my process but not written details of the assignment out of respect to Lisa and the hard work that is involved in her prep for (me) & her students.
My chosen sketch
Cutting, marking and then piecing
Make sure to pin when sewing curves
Completed assignment 41 x 34 inches
Now time to clean up my mess and get ready for next week's assignment.

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