Monday, July 4, 2011

Wow where has my time gone?

Sadly life has just kept me too busy to focus on my blog ;-(
Which since I enjoy reading blogs I follow regularly you would think I would set aside the time to try to keep up with mine? Possibly I had hit a funk? lol
Oh well now is better then NEVER ;-)
Hubby and I made some other roads trips (*NJ -to see Charlotte)
since our MI trip but we freely admit our MI trip was too much squeezed into a week so we both needed some quiet shutdown time to get back on track. ;-) Since he is still working it can be rougher for him.
Hubby and Charlotte
back of quilt
We've had a nice quiet 4th, I've been back to the pool daily doing my walking/jogging laps which is making me stronger and an extra bonus in hot weather the pool feels great! Yesterday while hubby played with his photo editing I enjoyed a very creative day. I got my quilt top quilted (though cannot show off the quilt yet) and I enjoyed some creative dyeing of silk scarves. Here are some photos share the process.
silk dyeing

stitched dyeing

removing stitching

close up of two styles

finished scarves

close up of scarves
[Wish I could photograph the silks to show their true beauty]


Robbie said...
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Robbie said...

I love shibori and your stitching turned out beautiful in your scarves!! Very nice!!!

TJM wanna be quilt artist said...

thank you Robbie