Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finally will post about some process.

I have been busy sewing and have been very productive lately EXCEPT in my blogging. I sure wish there was a way to dictate my thoughts to my

So long ago I promised to post about my latest t-shirt quilt. I made the t-shirt quilt as a gift to our niece who graduated from Rockford High School in MI this past June. She will be a freshman at Michigan State come Sept. Part of the quilt design were her personal t-shirts along with some quilting squares that our niece actually designed and sewed while she was a 6th grader with full intentions to make a quilt. She managed to sew a few squares before losing interest and off and on through out the next couple years we would tease her and ask where that quilt was? Her mother managed to locate those squares and any left over fabric and sent that off to me along with some of her t-shirts.
From my photos I am hoping you will understand my design process. When making a t-shirt quilt you first want to cut your squares from the t-shirts and iron on knit interfacing.
Here you can see the various squares of t-shirts and my nieces quilt squares on my design board
I've sewn borders around the t-shirt shapes and am trying to decide on a design composition.

After struggling with the design for a few days I come up with a new idea.

Beginning to sew my shapes into strips or rows

after sewing top and bottom rows, the middle area was sewn into 3 columns then sewn together

final borders sewn on quilt

quilt top is quilted using my HQ16

completed quilt
Graduation party- Niece did recognize her squares. ;-)
Quilt happily turned out to be perfect for a twin bed.
So tomorrow I hope to post another catch-up post; topic - my latest quilt ;-) Enjoy!

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bevkimmel said...

That is the nicest looking t-shirt quilt I have ever seen.
the extra blocks make it extra nice!