Tuesday, January 25, 2011

getting back on track ;-)

So I am still working on getting back on track....meaning both diet-wise,lifestyle-wise and studio-wise. Wouldn't you know it? Just as my hubby becomes a lifetime WW. they go and change the program? I can remember long ago (when I was in my 30's) I also became a lifetime weight watcher. lol of course would not be able to weigh in presently. Well anyway back then they came out with a new program too! I had a horrible time making the adjustment to the new point system lol lol...well now wouldn't you know it WW has switched to a new plus point system??? Thankfully hubby is still planning on attending his "at work" meetings so hope he can help us figure the new plan out so I can keep on track diet-wise?
Next life-style wise I am back to the pool ;-))))) I have accepted that a pool will always be important to me..it just helps my body keep moving. ;-) So not fighting it!
Now studio-wise it has felt good being back to my sewing....right now I am just centering on some good ole fashion strip piecing and actually working on a quilt along...(notice my one blog button- postage stamp quilt along) So I am a little behind since I had to wait for my fabric to arrive, yet when reading posts from others working along with the quilt along I am actually right on track ;-)
sew strips together for postage stamp quilt along
Sew two sets of strips
Cut 2.5 inch rows of strip sets ready to be sewn into blocks
As usual I have quite a few other projects going........you know my lovely attention span needs way too much stimulation and can lack focus.. lol lol .....Oh well not a problem as long as I eventually complete the projects. SO... #1) I am sewing a cloth book for my grand-daughter Charlotte,  #2)  I finally completed a baby quilt I owed someone ;-) check that off my to-do list.... #3)  I'm prepping two other quilt tops...one will be lap quilt for a special buddy of mine and one is for a challenge due in March. Oh and sewing an experiment to create a special 'little kitty' TV blankie for my God-daughter's daughter.

Besides all my studio time recently, last week Friday the hubby and I looked at 8 wonderful houses located in the Eastern Shore area, [ We are trying to find 'the' perfect retirement home].... this weekend we head to Vermont where my hubby will ski for the first time in over 25 years. ;-) He and my son will ski together while my daughter-in-law and I enjoy our grand-daughter Charlotte and the Resort's fabulous aquatic center.
Hmmmmm I will pack my sketchbook to help me keep up with the sketchbook challenge ;-) (see blog button)
So to everyone...Stay creative and see you later.......

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