Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm seeing the end of the tunnel ;-)

So my purging and re-organizing is still under way but  I am getting closer though to the end of my tunnel.... To reward myself  I took some time off during the past few days to just sit and sew ;-). I completed piecing my little Crow piece and I am pleased to be done with it!  I should state " it is as done as it will be"  since I do not have anymore of the fabric from this assignment so it became sort of became a point of "just be happy with what you got". I keep remembering though as mentioned in one of my older postings: " It's an exercise /or assignment...we complete them to learn from them. YAY!!!!  I am ready to move forward.... ;-) lol

Hard to see in this photo but this is strips of painted canvas
So today besides doing some endless paperwork, listing some old books online hoping to sell off cheaply to new homes, along with completing some other stuff  I  got back to working on my castle wall quilt.  I am creating this piece for my grand-daughter Brynn's room. I have the composition basically set and will begin to piece the canvas into one large piece and then detail or quilt it on my HQ16.
Possibly by next week I can get this piece completed and sent off. It's a shame I did not center on the piece this week since we head to PA tomorrow to return my grand-dog Rogue back to the daughter's family (we've been dog sitting).
We get to visit the grand-babies ;-) but also have 2 days of yard work ahead of us. We are going to help them tear out most of the old landscaping around their new/old house. [They moved from Denver CO to PA this past June and we had told them when they moved in that we would come in the fall to help.] Wish us luck! All we can do it try.  I sure hope the old bushes, etc. there presently are not too deep rooted ;-) our poor old bones...

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