Thursday, July 8, 2010

So testing testing....

So this is a test and have to be honest so far I'm not sure I'm going to like this... I'm trying to post via my new Toy...yup I'm calling my new Ipad "a toy!" sadly an expensive toy to me but ...oh well my hubby talked me into the purchase and I admit I am having fun with it!
I'm just not totally convinced yet if this is going to work for what WE were or are hoping it will help me accomplish??? My hubby is thinking I enjoy blogging, Facebook, following other quilt artist etc. And the web..thus heck the Ipad might turn out great???

Some of my set backs so far I think has been that though I started off years ago a total MAC person eventually schools replaced most Macs with PC's of some type and thus I am out of practice in the ways of what I will call the MAC

Anyway back to the Ipad....and this posting? I am typing on the touch keypad and there is very little editing choices from what I can much to learn..I am sure there is some app to load on the Ipad that probably let's me create wonderful usual posts but for tonight this will have to suffice.
Okay so let's see if this even goes....wish me luck!!

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