Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A quick post....

So I'm still in MI with my folks...actually staying in the senior residence with them which has been eye opener lol lol.......sure hope Bill and I plan well for our old age..
So I ran over to my son's house today (my old MI residence that still has some of our stuff in the way) I had a quick mission to empty the china cabinet since it is no longer talk about memories.....But tell me please what does one do with lead crystal pieces or other nice objects when it is time to downsize?

I was happy to come across something today that I could not remember where it might be?.......while in college as an Art Major at EMU   I had the opportunity to create one bronze is an abstract form displayed with black base.  After visiting all the art galleries in Santa Fe over Thanksgiving I was reminded of my casting but had no idea where it could be? At one time my parents had most of my college art... they used to tease me they paid my tuition so therefore deserved all my art.  lol lol Luckily when they started downsizing I got most of my college work back.     I have always liked this piece..."Blooming Flower"...... I'm very happy to have come across it today. The other item I was happy to locate, is a piece of black pottery, [my parents brought back each of us girls (my sisters and I) one piece each as a gift from one of their many caravans or trips]. While Bill and I were in Santa Fe we came across many nice black pottery pieces and realized how much the pottery prices have risen. It is a special technique and one to admire. My piece is actually two parts, a candle holder.

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Patty Ashworth said...

Crystal makes a great "regift". Give it to someone who actually has dinner parties. Not many left. My brother and his wife have parties, and I give them all the pretty stuff. Ijust don't like to dust or cook. I do have a couple of pieces around that the sun shines through. Donate to places that display things, or sell it. Not worth keeping if it is just taking up space and bugging you.