Sunday, November 1, 2009

So think Christmas???????/

So this past summer I made stockings and a Christmas countdown calendar for my youngest son and his then soon to be bride….P1060331

well of course every parent knows when you have more then one….you’re bound to hear so where’s mine?????…..

So this past week or so I have been working on completing my other son and his wife’s calendar and stockings….. went through a few test runs for a design that would coordinate with the basic kit type countdown calendar…….I made an original that I love…P1000450 

but it was mentioned that if there were 3-4 of them hanging together they might prove to be too busy? (NOT in my opinion...but that’s okay since my hubby loves it and has stated hey that/those (meaning I must make another one at least…. can be ours)

But so I went back to the drawing board and came up with these….there is a set of 4 (just in case down the road they decide to add to their family ;-) actually they are expecting a baby this coming April (their first;-)P1000488 another grandchild for us!! YAY! I’ve been told they are perfect thankfully….

So now I’m once again back to the drawing board for my biggest critic….lol my daughter! Have to make her a set of 4 stockings….


the 3 stockings I made last year just weren’t what she had in mind…and now she has added Brynn to their brood anyway..They were my first attempt ever at sewing stockings……and boy I sure wish I had a background in sewing or had taken Home Ec classes in high school….. but you know us art students never had time to add more electives to one’s high school schedules…..Anyway back to Keli’s set? She made sure to let me know she preferred a different set (politely of course)……. (See example of why I call her my biggest critic..and to think I brought her up this opinioned or confident?….lol.)

But not sure yet what I will come up with?  here is my start???whichone 

One thing though….. this time she’ll be stuck and has to take what she gets  lol lol …I want to get on to sewing some of my ideas….I have so much I have yet to try…….

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