Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A downtime day…..

So today will have to be a downtime day orders from headquarters…..  Actually I mean the doctor….. I had some injections in my lumbar today in hopes of some successful pain management???  Wish me luck…. since the injections were this morning I’m to take it easy all day…. I can’t drive a car for 24 hours sooooo I assume I shouldn’t drive my sewing machine either?

So that leaves me time to ponder? Has anyone noticed? Are Christmas stockings  right or left footed????? Since I am working on Christmas Stockings for the kids and their families it suddenly  hit me?  Which way are Christmas stockings to hang? hmmmmmmm opinions anyone?

For example….  Here is photo are the ones I gave Brian and Heather at one of their wedding showers this summer.P1060331

Now here is are photos of the  front and back of one I am working on right now?P1000450 P1000451







So is there a right or left foot to a Christmas stocking?  lol  and is it just a personal preference;  which direction one hangs them?

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