Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a long long plane ride!

So it sure it is a GREAT thing that due to Bill’s travel we (as in He and I) got bumped to first class to Hawaii……we left Detroit around 8:00am landed in Chicago to depart once again  Est.. 10:30am for the 9 hour and 5 minute Est.. flight!!!P1070097

I AM dying and assuming I will have to break down after all my fun stuff has passed and visit the orthopedic doctors once again…..the last x-ray I had for my back/spine showed a bone spur????? P1070098

I  have no idea what that means but do know that I am having huge problem sitting for long times or actually the pain is becoming a nuisance for such simple chores as driving!!!! I have something going on for sure in my left hip/spine/leg area….OH well I will just keep jogging and working out in pools while in Hawaii and see if I can work this away!  Good matra…keep on moving….






This is my son JB and his BBF in cart            3 of these guys are wedding party/ the other is a huge partier ;-) my FB bud Eric (the one in t he cowboy hat??)!

DSC_0962 DSC_0960

So until we land in Hawaii here are a few photos of the fun my kids and hubby had at Brian’s bachelor golf outing (36 golfers)/evening of limo bar hopping afterwards for the younger guys (est. 20 guys) last Saturday evening…I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots of funny stories about their outing at the wedding Sept 26 when we all gather once again…..one of the holes had booze set out that you had to drink a shot before you got to tee off…courtesy of his future innocent looking father-in-law who supplied most of  the trick and treats the golfers discovered throughout the day…then my last photo is the happy groom to be…my baby son-Brian.

DSC_1004 DSC_1010

Wow!  I’ll soon have all 3 of my children married off …..27,29,&31……I am feeling old but very happy and blessed!

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