Friday, August 28, 2009

Sort of bitter sweet.....

So I am visiting my daughter in Denver during the final weeks of her pregnancy. Rather then sit around and wonder when she'll be having the baby, we have a list of what needs to be of the projects is for grandma to re-do Caleb's name paintings to fit with his newly created big boy room. The sweet part are the memories....when Caleb was born I made special little paintings that spelled out his name that we hung above his crib ;-).... the bittersweet part is the great memories that flashed through my mind today as I prepare to gesso over the canvas's so we can redesign his name into a big boy look that will fit in his new big boy room which is a blank canvas waiting for Keli and I to work wonders me luck! My sad part is realizing Caleb is growing up much to quickly !!!!
He'll soon be the big brother! ;-)))))