Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm in Denver!

So I'm now in Denver and will be till Sept 13! wow....I soon will have a new grand daughter! The fun part is this time I get to see Keli in her final stages of pregnancy!
I have a lot to do during my visit..some of my jobs are from Keli's wish list and some of the jobs are from my wish list....(such as I have to sew more bottle covers/bags for the up-coming Sept wedding!)
I had an enjoyable first day playing with my lovely grandson Caleb!
He is sooooooooo sweet! You can see we played with blocks and then he gave me a chance to nap while he went down so easily for his afternoon nap..... notice his quilt ;-) lol Hopefully I'll get over my time change /possible jet lag soon...
So today Keli, Nate are at work. Caleb is at his sitter till 5:00pm so that I can hopefully get started on possibly painting the nursery, sadly though I have so many items I want to do it is hard to focus lol lol sooooooo the first thing I have to do is sign off! Time to get to work!

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