Monday, August 3, 2009

So much to do so little time….

So one would think if one had retired that they would have loads more time to get stuff done? huh?????? it sure is not happening for me……

So today was actually the first day that sort of hit me as” WOW I’m retired! “      I have been so busy trying to catch up and still de-stressing from my busy spring that I have not been able to even think about the reality that I AM retired!!  Even though my busy spring/early summer was mostly comprised of good stuff, such as two wedding showers for Heather and Brian, wedding will follow in Sept.  Then a couple trips to MI to try to visit my folks, who both had a sickly hard winter but are now thankfully are on the mend….or so our prayers keep asking for…  Then since I was retiring I had a huge mess to clean out of my classroom, you know how art teachers can be recyclers, I wanted to leave a clean room for my replacement, and did manage to clean out the room pretty good, left some stuff unfinished since I ran out of time but heck some of the stuff in that room was from the teacher 4 teachers ago.  lol lol

So you get the drift I’ve been busy…oh and then I had to go back for more surgery on my hand..I had two stitches that never dissolved as expected?   This part was more inconvenience then pain at least this time ;-)  Since I’ve been back in VA I’ve been working on my grandson’s “big boy bed “quilt. With a baby sister arriving in Sept Caleb is being moved soon to his own big boy bedroom.  Well if you’ve followed my blog at all you might know I had been working on a monsters quilt pattern that my daughter actually picked out over 2 years ago but now they’ve expressed wishes to change the theme to a Chicago Bears quilt?  They felt this theme would last longer for him lol lol in actuality I teased my daughter that Caleb’s dad wants the Bear’s quilt! lol (I think I am correct too!)

The good news is I have the top completed and now hope to quilt it myself using my new HQ16….I figure I gotta learn sometime….  lol lol……. This is the largest quilt top I think I’ve made so far……….yet time will tell after it’s been quilted and has pulled in a little.

Here’s my process so far……….

The completed top looks like……..P1060981

I want to get this completed so I can focus on some art quilting and get my studio cleaned and organized to make it easier for me to create! It’s a mess right now! 

I will get to see the quilt on Caleb’s bed in late August.

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