Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So I am back to making my lists which is helping! Sadly though I have not touch the sewing machine yet....each day I think okay so now to go home and sew.....but I am fighting my allergies big time and thus tired when I finally sit down.....lol
I did get some wooded frames built for my students to use for a rug hooking project I want them to try or we can use the frames when we make batiks, tack the fabric to them to hold the fabric tight so the wax can be put on in finer lines then in the past. Will make it easier for the students.
I have some painted canvas I did last year that I want to try some new quilting designs with....I need to put on my list new goals, push myself to produce! Maybe one 12 inch quilt a week? Might be too tough a goal right now with my new schedule at school, but hmmmmmm maybe one 12 inch quilt every two weeks? So time to commit! Think positively and take time for me!
Okay here goes.....Complete two 12 inch quilts a month. There I've made a new goal! Now to add it to my list! ;-)