Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to lists.......

How funny is it that on one of the blogs I follow the Sept. Topic is lists!
So tell me how do lists fit into your life? I KNOW that I for one need to get back to my lists...making them...then looking at them...(lol) moving forward crossing off items as I complete them.....I DEPEND on lists!
Lists keep me on track. Lists help me focus and stay focused. Now where did I put my list? ;-)
It sure is nice to have a quiet calm weekend along with this great weather. Bill & I hope by next week to be back to our norm...we're trying to keep a healthy balance between our interests/outlets along with the day to day necessity of our jobs. So in keeping with that goal I hope to be back at the sewing machine by this week.
One scary yet very exciting item: I ordered the HQ16 machine today, how exciting. That's another reason I NEED to get back to my lists and on top of everyday stuff I WANT TO make sure I am caught up so I can spend time learning and exploring my new machine when it arrives in Nov.
So where do I find myself today? Contemplating completing my class quilt from August, I'm thinking of starting a jean project my quilt guild taught us last week or just sitting and relaxing like this bird I saw at the train station in Stamford, CT.

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