Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday.....only 2 more days.....

Well wouldn't you know it? It's cold and rainy today.........cold = 60-65 degrees which after being used to 85-100 degrees it feels cold...Keli and Nate will leave this afternoon for a couple days of alone time....they are hoping since they are going on the other side of the mountains the weather will be nicer, or so they hear? Myself well Caleb and I still have plans to go to Golden for arts festival or worst we'll go inside to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, something I've always been meaning to go to while visiting yet never had time for. Anyway I brought some of the material I dyed a few weeks ago with me to Denver and some coffee filters so I could try a technique one of my guild members to make easy circles for applique. It's a really kewl technique and now I hope to try it with tissue paper for other shapes when I get home. Might be an easy way for my middle school students to try some shape making and simple quilting.
Also before I decided that quilting was my niche I actually dabbled a little and had the opportunity to take a class from Lucky Shie (Susan Shie ) in 2000, here is my first artquilt completed during my class with Susan. ;-)) it is fun seeing it again and brings back great memories! You can see it's a whole cloth quilt with airbrushing...and Susan's "Lucky Shie type of quilting." I recommend a class with Susan anytime!

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