Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So I did it!

Hey, have you ever watched home improvement shows on HGTV and thought "I could do that"? Well guess what? I can do that! My laundry room linoleum had pulled away from the walls about 6 years ago but with my move to VA 4 years ago I just never had time to attend to it. This summer while we're up north we have a list of items we want to try to attend to and one of the jobs was the laundry room flooring, I just could NOT stomach coming home to look at it in that condition one more time SOOOOO I decided to redo it myself lol lol yep you read that correctly. So first I pulled up the old linoleum (which by the way is very easy when it has already pulled away from the walls) lol then I got some floor primer which I discovered I needed just as I was ready to put down the tile, (reading the directions is also a necessary step, lol ) anyway it's a necessary step before putting down the tile. So got the sub floor primed and then put down new tile myself. Not too bad, I even impressed myself! So our working vacation in MI actually has been non-stop work! Bill is busy in the guest bathroom while I've been tiling. He got the job of priming the walls after WE stripped the outdated 14 year old wallpaper the kids have been harassing me about right down to the dark green paint. So today the job is to paint the bathroom "hot chocolate" We've been told browns are very in up north? Oh well I hope we like the color?....we're just trying to get another item completed from "The list". We're going to need a vacation to recoup from our vacation.

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