Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quilt Retreat!

So a weekend of quilting and fun! What could be better! Right now as I type we are playing our Chinese gift exchange, which in our guild is dangerous! Right now I am sitting here with a beautiful Laura Burch bag but will be pure luck if it does not get taken. Whoops update...I've had 3 gifts stolen so far!
We've been sewing all Friday evening and all day today. Another treat for us is at each meal we are surprised with little gifts made by our members such as a quilted luggage tag, little quilted coin purse, and a kit to try our own Sashiko, we have two more treats tomorrow so much fun!;-) The best thing is I have almost got the Lehigh quilt top completed! Hopefully my son will not read my blog because I am so proud I'm posting it! Sadly, he will never know how much work it has been. Well off to steal........

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