Monday, November 19, 2007

Wow it's a holiday week!

Can you believe it's Thanksgiving already? over 1/4 of my school year is over ;-) nice thought........ but oh my, time seems to be flying by....
Well sadly I have all these ideas I would like to be creating and instead I am packing for a 10 hour drive up north! Yep we're going back to MI for turkey dinner..... A sad fact is we're getting older so the thought of working all day tomorrow and then driving 10 hours is not that exciting, just the thought tires me.
Will have to catch up with my art in a few days right now it's time out for family celebrations.......the bummer is one child will be in NY and my daughter and 8 month old grandson are in Denver so we only get to see one of the kids and then some other family members like parents, sisters, nieces....friends!
Sure hope we don't hit traffic or bad weather........

Here is another picture of view from our deck notice how the colors have changed...winter is coming!

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